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Suspense and More

This is a published edition of a three-act play set on a Virginia plantation circa 1850. Zeke, an intellectually gifted slave/inventor, experiences hope, cruelty, love, despair, and eventually freedom. The circumstances of his life recreate the individual, social, economic and political issues that lead to the American Civil War.

In this urban crime thriller, all the characters plan to change the direction of their lives. Before they can realize these plans, they are drawn, willingly and unwillingly, into a kidnapping/ransom plot. It's a study of the critical influences that shape lives and life childhood trauma, prejudice, cultural values, social pressures, career choices, love, hate, greed, hope, wisdom, fate, and pure luck.

In this sci-fi romance story, a love triangle develops among characters who discover a genetic key to immortality, which a global cabal tries to keep secret.

A domestic terrorist posing as a modern-day religious prophet begins a terrorist campaign to divide and destabilize America along its ideological fault lines.

Jeremiah's alt-right followers, including foreign mercenaries, form a separatist state in the Dakotas and initiate an armed rebellion designed to achieve independence.

Using migratory birds as the vector, Jeremiah unleashes a manufactured virus designed to "weed the earthly garden." Although the terrorist prophet has groomed his two sons to join the cause, they aid his enemies trying to head off the global pandemic and finally end Jeremiah's reign of terror.

Do you really know your neighbors? The many secrets lurking behind the closed doors of homes in the Lake View subdivision include a decades-long motive for a brutal murder --- and everyone is a suspect.

The Chicago mob plans to bring gambling, drugs and prostitution to a pristine Missouri lake resort, but they didn't anticipate the blowback from an ex-cop and his new girlfriend.

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